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It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this site is certainly populated with more than a few pictures. So then why is there a section of written material? Because there are times that we need words to frame the mind set that the artist felt at the taking of the photograph, because at times we wish to express something that can only be hinted at in a photograph, because at times we want to exercise your imagination in literary ways. Here then are some of our written efforts. (And, oh by the way, Anne Marie will disavow any part in some of these works.) If you wish to return here, use your browser's back button.
Chillin' Out is a lament brought on by one too many expressions of how gorgeous an 85 degree, humid day was. Chillin' Out
A few years ago we produced a calendar of photographic puns. Some of those images are presented in the Humor Gallery on this web site. The calendar had a foreword, this is it. Foreword
Warning, this piece contains graphic adult language. It was written to salute George Carlin, the day after his death. Salute
The Koschnick Flu Pandemic was a very tongue in cheek, not pretty documentary comment on an illness that affected all members of our family. It has garnered the most comment of any written work we have produced. Some of pure disgust, some of tear streaming mirth. Flu Pandemic
This piece was originally written as part of letter explaining that we hadn't answered a survey on Adirondack paddling conditions because of the obvious bias of the survey and the leading nature of the questions. A survey isn't a survey if it leads the participant to give the answers that the surveyor wants. This part can stand separate from the letter, and has been used as text over a few images by the author. loon
Dave is currently gathering images for another series featuring his red felt hiking hat. Two of those images are in the humor gallery on this web site. This written item is the foreword for that series. Red Hats
An actual incident in the Crossgates Mall food court, related to growing older. Senior Moment
A shaggy dog story, bringing advanced communication technology to an old TV show. Honeymooners in the 21st Century

Written in the summer of 2001 - days after completing a 134 mile hike - to preserve my memories of the endeavor. The photography included was shot on highspeed print film (i.e. low resolution) and the resulting prints were scaned which further degraded the image quality - oh well!

Note - the only page in the document with a link back to this site is the "Table of Contents page" - three pages in.

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