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Junkyard Watchdog Arts - Company Information

Junkyard Watchdog Arts was formed in 2007 as a marketing vehicle for the photography and writings of Dave and Anne Marie Koschnick.

Our primary outlets have been craft fairs and art shows. For those events we print mat and frame our work in our home. Look in our events section of this web site to determine where you can find us next.

Use the form on the contact us page to send inquiries about purchasing any of the art displayed on this site.

We will also consider requests for custom photography. However, we do not do wedding or other event photography.

Junkyard Watchdog Arts -
Artist Information

Dave Koschnick

Photo by A M Koschnick

Dave Koschnick, a self trained photographer, is the primary artist at Junkyard Watchdog Arts. Influenced by Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Nathan Farb, Carl Heilman, Duane Michals, and a host of other great photographers. Dave has been experimenting in the medium for 40 years. Much of Dave's landscape and wildlife photographs form a personal journal of his extensive hiking and canoeing trips through the Adirondack Mountains. Dave's friends often tell him his sense of humor is perverse (or is that perverted) and it shows up in his collection of photographic puns. Dave has been published on the Internet on the Outhouse Tour of America, and the Yankee Magazine web sites. He has produced work used in several annual reports and other business publications.


Last Updated: 6 August, 2008