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We have produced calendars as a means to showcase our work in small collections that we can give as gifts or sell at affordable prices. Each calendar has a central theme ranging from whacky humor, to whimsy, and some serious art.

We can create one of a kind custom calendars from images in our inventory to suit your needs.

We hope that these samples bring a smile to your face.

2005 Koschnick Zone Calendar A collection of photographic puns. Be sure to read the introductory artist statement that goes with the calendar.
2007 A Man for All Seasons Calendar The artist statement says it all.
2010 Fur Bearin' Varmints Calendar We have a love hate relationship with our urban Sciurus Carolinensis (aka Eastern Gray Squirrel). They are bold and destructive rodents. But they have personality and cuteness.
Other Calendar Work So far there's only one image. But this is where you would find images that we have been fortunate enough to have accepted for use in commercial or non-profit calendars.

Last updated: March 26, 2010