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Junkyard Watchdog Arts
Web site Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use

Junkyard Watchdog Arts is a small business owned and operated by Dave and Anne Marie Koschnick. Our only products are the photographic art and creative writing of Dave and Anne Marie. While we enjoy sharing our creations with others, we also need to insure some protection of our intellectual property and our labors in producing it. In an effort to achieve that protection we have crafted this statement of Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use.
All photographic images and written works on this web site, also referred to as content, are copyrighted by Junkyard Watchdog Arts and David or Anne Marie Koschnick. All rights are reserved. Specifically, any sale of this content and/or any use for financial or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. You are expressly prohibited from uploading this content to any mirror site, archive or other web site without written permission.
Permitted Use
You are free to download content on this web site for your personal viewing. You may print a single copy for your personal use provided that any copyright embedded in the content is retained and that the content is not modified in any way.
Notwithstanding any other restrictions stated in this Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use statement, information in the calendar section of this web site may be freely reproduced and distributed, provided that every reasonable effort is made to keep such information complete and accurate.
Written Permission
Permission to use any of this site’s content in any way not in accordance with this Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use statement, may be requested in writing (including E-Mail.) Permission will be granted only in writing. Where granted, such permissions must be retained by the requester and produced on demand.
You may link to the Junkyard Watchdog Arts site, provided that you indicate that it is an external site not of your origination.
This Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use statement is subject to change without notice.
Neither Junkyard Watchdog Arts, Dave, nor Anne Marie Koschnick make any warranty of the content of this web site. Junkyard Watchdog Arts makes every effort to insure that the image on this web site accurately depict any printed images that you might purchase from Junkyard Watchdog Arts. However the variance in computer monitors may greatly affect your viewing experience. We cannot accept liability for any consequences resulting from the use or purchase of any content depicted on this site.
Contact Information
Junkyard Watchdog Arts
107 Breslin Ave
Cohoes, NY 12047
(518) 237 - 1723


Last Updated: 5 August, 2008